Anyone using a Nuwave Phono converter with a low output (.5 mv) cartridge?

I am gettIng close to replacing my phono cartridge. The existing one is a moving magnet with 5 mv of output. The NPC is very quiet with this cartridge. Is anyone using a low output (.5 mv or so) cartridge with the NPC? If so, do you find it quiet or is there noticeable hiss, noise, or hum?


Bob, I’m not using one myself. However, a few years ago I’ve heard of somebody who used it with a very low voltage moving coil, and he returned the unit due to hiss, which he thought was excessive. It may be that he expected too much I don’t know.
Is there no way to try the cartridge before you buy?

I use a Lyra Titan with my NPC and am very happy. It is only 0.5mV and I don’t notice any issues. Tuning the settings on the NPC is the key.

My apology, Bob / PB - I now recall, it happened with a GCPH, which I think was the forerunner of the NPC.
The NPC is likely fine in this regard, sorry!

I am considering the Hana SL. It has gotten several good reviews, most recently in Stereophile. I’d expect that most online sellers would allow returns, though cartridges may be a special case. Will have to see.

I couldn’t be happier with the NPC. I actually use its digital output as input to my processor, as I think it has slightly better sound in my system. My existing cartridge is an Ortofon Bronze 2m, which sounds very good, but like many audiophiles, I want to see if I can do better.

Thanks all for your input.


I’ve used a Shelter 901 which is 0.5 mV and it sounded fine with the NPC. I was using the DSD output to my DS, at the time I did not have a preamp, so can’t confirm noise levels with the analog output. I have since gotten a BHK preamp, but, alas, have not spun any records in over a year.