CD player question

I’ll ask this on the off chance that someone on the forum has direct knowledge of this comparison. I have a Rega Saturn R CD player, and I really like it. Someone local is selling a Mark Levinson 390S CD player, he’s the original owner and it was recently serviced. I can’t say exactly why but I have always wanted one or a 37 360S combination. Here’s my question, has anyone ever had the opportunity to compare the two players back to back? I could very well be buying an old player that sound about the same as what I have. I don’t have any way of arranging an A/B with the seller.

I can’t speak for the ML player, but I’ve heard the Saturn-R and I believe it would best most of the vintage players including the ML. Not all, but most. The Saturn sounds so much like good analogue that I always do a double take. For what it’s worth, I read that the ML runs really hot if that’s a concern for your setup.

I’ve had the Saturn R in my setup for 13 months now not counting the time it was out for repair. I got one of the very few Rega players I’ve heard of with a bad laser. The repair was free to me except for shipping. My Levinson No.28 and it’s power supply run warm. So did my Proceed PDP & PDT so I’m ready for that and not worried. I talked to the guy yesterday and it was just serviced last month, the price is reasonable and it will decode SACDs where my Rega does not so I think I’m going to go for it. As clean as the unit is, and with the recent servicing, I doubt I’d lose much money on it if I decide it’s not for me. It’ll be interesting to make the comparison.

I picked up the Mark Levinson 390S player yesterday. I’ll admit I was wondering if I weren’t just going and buying the equal of my Rega Saturn R. The Levinson will be staying and I’ll be selling the Rega. The 390S is just better in every way. When I picked it up the gentleman gave me the receipt for the recent service at United Radio in NY, an authorized Levinson service center. The unit was pretty much completely rebuilt. The manual says these players benefit from 300 hours of burn in, mainly the caps. Considering how many of those were replaced I guess things will only get better. I’m very happy that I made the decision to buy it.


This is great news. Having it nearly rebuilt is a game changer. Glad you like it in your system. Happy listening!

The only way it could have been any better would be if he hadn’t lost the remote. I found a company in Europe who takes universal remotes and programs them for specific components. I think with the conversion it was less than $30 US. The last ML 390S remote I saw sell went for $250. I don’t need one that bad.