What are your views on Mark Levinson CD players

Hi all -

I would love to get your input on Mark Levinson products, CD players in particular.

I auditioned the new 5101 CD player and would like to here everyone’s opinion on it.

So difficult to fully hear it in a store.

thanks in advance

I haven’t heard their new players but I have a 390s that I love. My understanding is a No. 37 transport and a No. 360s D to A has a very similar sound. I picked mine up from someone moving over seas who had just had it serviced for $2500. Nearly a year later, no problems what so ever. I bought it without even auditioning it other than to hear it in his system. No regrets. It’s a very warm, analog sounding player and the bass is to die for. There’s one on Audiogon right now for $3700 after a complete servicing.


Don’t know about the 5101 but the old Mark’s 30.5/31.5, 36/37, etc were near the pinnacle of CD reproduction in their heyday. Since CD as a medium has pretty much fallen out of favour, I would guess they are still at the top of their game sonically today, especially the transports. Not sure about longevity as there are moving parts in transports after all. But those blokes certainly knew what they were doing back then.

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From what I understand you can still get a transport for the No.37, No.39, & No.390. I thought I read transports were no longer available for the 30.5/31.5. A call or email to Mark Levinson could confirm that. When I bought my 390s the owner had lost the remote. My email was answered in less that a day. No, no remotes available but they did answer quickly.