NuWave DSD DAC - Balanced or RCA

I am running balanced at the moment but was wondering what is the preferred way of connecting the DAC to amp.

My preferred way is balanced. . . works best in my system and I have a fully balanced preamplifier. I ran “RCA” before but the overall sound and presentation in my system is better with more gain.

I thought so too. Unfortunately I only have one set of balanced connection and I have to pick between the DSD DAC and ML 390S CD player which sounds a lot better in a fully balanced setup.
I have to do a bit more switching around to see if I can achieve an optimum for my both sources.

I don’t understand that. The CD player has a digital connection to the DSD DAC, and the DSD DAC has a balanced analog connection to pre-amp or power amp. I don’t understand why you need more than one set of balanced connection.

I stream music from Auralic Aries to the DSD DAC. The Mark Levinson 390S is a reference cd player and DAC. I am not using its digital connection. With all due respect to PS Audio, the DAC inside the 390S is a in a different class. I have done many A/B comparisons and the ML DAC is by far better sounding than the DSD.

Given the superannuation of the Mark Levinson 390S, especially in audiophile terms, it is remarkable you continue to find it this good.

Out of curiosity, do you continue to prefer the 390S when both it and the DSD are fed by the Auralic?

LOL :)) Interesting choice of word. I would digress If I may and give an analogy in automotive terms. ML is like driving a vintage Ferrari, still thrilling and joyful to drive even without all the electronic stability and power controls at your disposal.
I do prefer the 390S playing redbook CDs however not when fed by Auralic. There is definitely a good synergy between the DSD and Auralic.

It should be borne in mind that when keyper refers to the “DSD” he is talking about the NuWave DSD, not the DirectStream DAC. Still, I agree it seems a bit surprising that the 390S holds up that well. Then again, it was only fairly recently that I finally retired my Wadia 860x (used only as a DAC since its CD tray would not open).

Ah, that explains…thought it was funny as i was a very happy ML 390S user in my previous system. Was immediately blown away when i got the chance to hook up a DirectStreamDac to the ML 390s. Until arrival of the PWT -one year later- only using the ML 390S as a -good- transport :wink: