CD's 35th aniversary

It’s 35 years since cd players became available in N. America and Europe. I bought my first player on the first day. There were two models to choose from: one from Sony and one from Philips. I bought the Sony. Alas, the shop didn’t yet have any stock of cd’s to purchase. However, they took pity on me and loaned me one of the Dvorak cello concerto. A cd then cost £10, which equates to £33 in today’s money after allowing for inflation.


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I remember I was fascinated by the snappy transients, but Ibdidnt like the sterile sound of the Japanese gear. My first player was a British Ariston CD1 with a TDA 1541 chip as far as I remember. Not a wonder in terms of details etc. but halfwise musical sounding. Then came a Micromega solo.