What Memory Player Can Accomplish

Dear Forum,

I sent my Oppo 105 to Mod Wright and now have a new tube analog section. During the wait, I auditioned the Parasound CD-1 [$4500]. It spins a disk 6-8 times so that the built-in DAC sees a very clean and thus nearly jitter-less stream of 1s and 0s. Can only play regular CDs but it brings the sound pretty close to analog. In Castle Rock, CO there is a guy who has constructed the “Vault” and it spins a disk up to 100 times before putting it into a buffer [cds, DVDs, SACDs, etc.]. Best sound I have heard anywhere.

Then I read about PS Audio. They have two units of interest. The Memory Player [$3999] is a deck only [no built in DAC]. It is special in that it spins a disk at east 10 times before putting into a buffer. Very clean output. They also just released a new revolutionary DAC. The PS-Audio Direct Steam DAC [$6000] converts all incoming data into DSD output! It is as if all your CDs were SACD!

For what ever reason you can go online and find the Memory player for under $1500 and I found one [little use – looks brand new] for $1200.

I am now running the Memory Player through my internal DAC in Oppo 105 via coaxial connector. In effect, I get even better sound than with Parasound CD-1, because my Oppo has the Mod-Wright analog output section. I am in 7th heaven.

I continue to love LPs but my system crosses a threshold for “personal” absolute sound.


Very cool! I, too, really enjoy my PWT.

How does it compare to the others you auditioned, or can you draw any conclusions?

Best I ever heard is from the “Vault” out of Castle Rock; given we understand the inner DAC for the Oppo is very good but not the best I assume that the better the DAC the more the Memory player can help.

It is interesting that even at this level there can be audible differences.