Changes You Made To Your System After Buying A Power Plant

Now that I have had my Stellar Power Plant for a few months, I am curious if people have found that they needed to make changes after buying a Power Plant.

Maybe the Power Plant revealed limitations in your system, maybe the sound changed a bit and now you needed to upgrade one or more components/cables in your system?

Or maybe you needed to change your speaker placement?

At any rate, I would love to know people’s experiences with this topic.


In my case, P10 did not bring any immediate need for upgrades. However i have found that I can now better hear any changes to audio chain when all audio devices are powered from PowerPlant.

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I replaced my Rega Saturn R with a Mark Levinson 390S after purchasing a P12. I wouldn’t call it a cause and effect. I’d have bought the Levinson anyway.

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If you install a water filter in your kitchen, why should it lead you to change what you drink? Why all of a sudden would it lead you to drink tea instead of coffee? Whatever you do drink may taste better, or it might not.

Some people don’t need a water filter in the first place.

Other people use tea and coffee machines that have their own built-in filtration systems making a primary filter irrelevant.

Ironically, I think I understand regenerators better now that I don’t own one than when I bought one without knowing quite why I did. It’s a solution to a particular set of possible problems.

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I seem to always be making incremental changes to my systems. But as I am retired and my passion is collecting music and listening to it, I’m focused on sound reproduction and the power plant regenerators have allowed me to hear subtle changes far more easily.

One thing I will say is that power plant regenerators. . . have led me to bigger, better regenerators. I started with a pre-ordered before they were released P300. Then I moved to a Power Plant Premier. I kept that but it had led me to the then new P5. And then I got a fantastic deal on a P10. And then I got a fantastic deal on the P15. I sold the P5, but still have the PPP, P10 and P15. Each new regenerator was a step UP, and better insight into my system as a whole, leading to incremental improvements system-wide over time.