Choosing A Music Streamer - Paul's latest vid

I watched Paul’s latest vid about network streamers today and noticed he didn’t mention anything about an upcoming streamer. I wonder if that was just a simple omission or is the streamer now so far off in the future that it’s not worth mentioning. I’m happy with my ultraRendu’s. I’d be happier if they had I2S built in versus yet another box for USB to I2S. I am hoping for an all in one that doesn’t cost $5K.


I saw the same video and was wondering the same thing. I am trying to figure out what streamer/transport to buy that will feed into my PS Audio DSD dac.

I’ve been incredibly happy feeding the coax and optical inputs of my DSSr. with a Bluesound Node 2i and AmazonHD Music. My local (spinning disc Hard Drives) on my Win10PC are accessible via my Sony UBP-1000ES (PCM & DSD via I2S) networked player or Audirvanna (also PCM or DSD via I2S) or Node 2i (PCM only of course).

It’s pretty simple really.

My current path:

Sonore UltraRendu → USB → Sonore ultraDigital → I2S → DirectStream.

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I have a Bluesound Node Vault for my second system that uses a Schiit Gungnir dac. I like the Bluesound app. I happen to prefer Qobuz over Amazon HD. The speakers are Paradigm Studio 20 V.5 with two REL T/9I subwoofers. Amp is an old McIntosh MC 2205, preamp Musical Fidelity A3.2 Dual Mono. Occasionally used CD player is Oppo BDP-83. Nice little system.
As I said earlier I am looking for a streamer/transport for my main system which is:
PS Audio P10 regenerator
PS Audio DSD Sr dac
PSAudio Memory Player
Amp: McIntosh MC 352
Preamp: McIntosh C2200 tube preamp
Speakers: Aerial Acoustics 10 T
Was using a Mac Mini as a server/disc storage.

Are there any of you guys that use the Lindemann Limetree bridge? Would be good to hear you opinions about features and sound.

German design and build, decent price and good spec (no I2S however). Time to start the research to be ready in time for the DSD MkII…