Recommendations for upgrading streamer/DAC - too many options!

Got a load of Bluesound speakers and kit around the house including a Node 2i that I’m looking to upgrade something more high end.

I run the Node 2i into a Vitus Audio RI-101 MK1 which drives a pair of Focal Sopra No2s. Really pleased with the sound, clarity, soundstage - but I’m aware that the Bluesound kit will be the limiting factor.

I’m ideally looking for a streamer/DAC combination rather than separate network streamer and DAC. I’ve been looking at the Lumni T2, AURENDER A10 and a few others but looking for suggestions.

I use Roon to control music, and a lot of my source music is either Tidal MQAs or my own CD rips which are on a NAS box.

Everything is connected via ethernet so Wifi isn’t required.

Help!! Too many options :frowning:

The obvious option is to retro-fit the optional Vitus DAV/streamer. Reports are that its performance is excellent and very well priced, plus no more cables.

I would have to concur with that opinion. Though I haven’t heard the integrated, the Vitus amp I own is one of the best pieces I’ve ever had. I’d trust anything Hans Ole comes up with.

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That’s really interesting - I did have a conversation with my Vitus dealer last yer about the DAC module for the Vitus. I’ve also heard that it performs better than a lot of kit way bove it’s pricepoint.

I’d need to explore whether I can use it as a Roon endpoint or not - and then I guess cn use Roon to unpack the MQA and pass to the Vitus…

$5k sounds like a lot until you price a decent DAC and Streamer and, as Steven pointed out, cables for same. Personally I wouldn’t care if it did MQA, but I get the Roon thing. Just got back into it after a 3 year hiatus. I’d suscribed for three years prior to that. Still unfortunately seems to affect the sound, but either you use Roon or you don’t, I guess.

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Thanks for the input both. I’m in discussion with a Vitus dealer regarding the upgrade. They are telling me that configuring the Vitus network module for Roon is not possible. Need to do some research on this - but this is a potential deal breaker for the Vitus.