Chord's Newest VS. The PS Audio DS DAC


Was anyone at the recent Rocky Mountain AudioFest? Did you have an opportunity to listen to the new Chord Hugo TT 2 with the M Scaler? Both Chord and PS Audio offer compelling products for DAC and I would love to Hear some comparisons between the two.


I wonder if the M-Scaler can be used with the DS?

I guess nobody attempted to try one of dCS’s upsamplers with the DS?


I think I remember reading somewhere that the M Scaler would work with non Chord DACs but to get the most out of the device, it requires a unique connection scheme of two separate BNC Coax connections. Between that and the cost, I don’t think it would be worth it. However, since reviewers tend to have competing equipment available, it should make for some interesting reviews in the future.


I found even the hugo2 DAC more compelling than my DS Sr.(redcloud). Perhaps the new DS firmware will close the gap. Most of the benefit I see with Chord, as an efficient loudspeaker user, is directly driving the speakers from the DAC. The TT2 can do several watts.


I’m a long time Chord user(2Qute) and PS audio and Chord are the only two companies I can think of that use FGPA technology it their products. My next purchase will be a DAC and it’s either going to be a Hugo 2 TT or a PS audio DS jr. Aside from its sonic benefits, I’ve come to appreciate the unusual industrial design of Chord’s DACs. If a PS Audio DAC wows me at an audition and from what I’ve read about them, it might, it’s got quite a hill to climb. So, for me the question is Hugo 2 TT vs. Direct Stream DAC.