Classe delta monos vs PS mono

Any side-by-side comparison between them?
Not many reviews on Classe monos since they were introduced around Pandemic start.

Local dealer has a open box Classe hence was tempted :frowning:

PS: Temptation is root of all evil :slight_smile:

Do you mean Classe?

Yes :frowning: sorry for typo

What is your system comprised of, especially important, what speakers. What are your motivating goals regarding the change?

I use krell chorus 7 channel amp.
It drives my revel be speakers in listening room.
Iā€™m reading that monos provide better isolation and hence will improve SQ significantly.

Price dependent, but Iā€™d give them a trial if the dealer is up for it. Speaker cable selection is going to be important from what I remember of the Revel Be series. The Revel 228Be were on my short list for a time, displaced by the Revel Ulima Studio2. Eventually I went in an entirely different direction. For the Ultimas I was leaning to Ayre or Pass. Iā€™d like to think the Classe Delta Monoblocks would be a good pairing, just not with Nordost cables based on what I heard.