World's First Owner?

I was fortunate enough to purchase a pair of the new Classe Delta Monos yesterday. They were released only a few weeks ago:

Man these things are beautiful, top notch fit and finish- Furutech binding posts/connections throughout. The binding posts are really cool, they act as a torque wrench so you get the perfect grip, they are also grooved to mate perfectly with spades. Classe even includes an upgraded power cable out of the box:

I am in love, I upgraded from Sim Audio Moon Rocks that I listed on here a few weeks ago. There really is no comparison, the Classe have incredible resolution/detail. It is unlike anything I have heard before. It’s like I have a completely new speaker in my listening room.


Beautiful kit; enjoy…

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These are killer binding posts. I installed them on my Tannoy Westminsters a few months ago. The size, weight, and functionality of these things are impressive. Of course, the price matches!

Nice looking amps you have there. I’m sure they sound beautiful.

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Just a short while ago it looked like they were leaving the scene entirely. Nice comeback. Not a big fan of fans though.

I bet one would be challenged to even get the fan to turn on in a domestic volume situation and if one did, there is no way the fan would be audible.

They have to do something as they can output 1KW into 2 ohms. Few if any are going to us that much but can you imagine the heat sink required to keep it cool without a fan…rhetorical

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Looks like an incredible amp. Adcom GFA-5802 (upgraded from the GFA-5800 because the cooling fans were audible during quiet passages) was in system 23 years before upgrading to PS Audio BHK 300’s last March. Wish you as many happy years with the Classé.

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I honestly wasn’t either. I bet it has to do with the CSA testing/safety certification to maintain compliance. You would be surprised how many power amps/audio electronics in general don’t go through any type of third party verification.

The fan is inaudible (even with my ear next to the unit) so I am ok with it. Additionally, cooler components = longer lifetime.