Gryphon Diablo 300 vs PS Audio BHK 300 Monos

Hey everyone! Looking for opinions/experience from anyone that has heard or compared with of these. Im in the process of selling my BHK 300 Monos and BHK Preamp to purchase a Diablo 300 integrated. Wondering if it’s worth it or really just a lateral move. Speakers are QLN Prestige 1s. Thanks!

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I have had quite a few PSA products but have no personal experience with Gryphon. However out of all the amps I have had, the Dag integrated is by far the top. So if you are thinking a high end integrated may or may not be a upgrade to mono’s , I would let your ears be the judge.

Amazing what Levinson and Dag can do with an integrated. I have had both and no desire to go back to a mono or other setup. I like it as well because its a lot less “stuff” and with streamer, DAC etc I have plenty of boxes. Gryphon has a great rep. Would be great to hear.

Best of luck… (I think Al runs Gryphon)

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Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the DAG integrated is out of my price range. Which PS Audio amps did you have?

All of them I think over the last 10 years or so. Started with 700s and moved up. Even tried the Strata recently.

The Dag without modules I would think is close to the Gryphon. Probably 20 vs 16? Hard to tell though as cars, audio etc are going nuts. Used Dag might be out there but no going back in that market.

I was just trying to state that in my experience, mono/stereo to integrated was an upgrade.

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I don’t have experience with the two you mentioned in comparison, but with past larger Gryphon integrateds.

What I think is that the BHK must be much better. The Gryphon class AB integrateds have nothing from the big Gryphon class A amps and nothing from well made hybrid (or other) separates. You don’t get real magic from integrateds except maybe from something like „the couch“ (Unison absolute 845) or some other tube units if it fits imo.

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No personal system experience with Gryphon. All I can contribute is that I heard the Diablo 300 at my dealers, Luxman CD/Dac, Brinkman Bardo w/ Koetsu Black driving Sabrina X’s and it was a killer set-up. Integrated or not the 300 is one heck of an amplifier and to my eyes has gorgeous design/aesthetics

I was not a fan of the Sabrina’s until I heard them driven by the Gryphon and now I have a major crush on them! They sounded fantastic!



This is a path I went down – had had a few session at my audio dealer had pretty much locked in on a new purchase of the BHK300 / Pre – for me this was a new path over the last 20 years I had been running Gryphon amp in my main system had played around with some tube based amps while in the US and in my second system and liked the fact that I could play a little with the PS monos to tweak the sound – I was on the path to a full PS rack.

In my region Gryphon dealers are somewhat tight there are a lot more PS audio dealers (yep we still have the HIfi retailer model – not a mail order hifi purchase hope arrangement) – which works and only recently the importer / who runs a major high end hi store on the side had started to let a few more premium dealers move Grypho. The gryphon Australian relationship has been a very long one and one built on a long term friendship Gryphon Audio Designs pays tribute to Josef Riediger | StereoNET Australia - Hi Fi & Home Cinema News my last trip up (interstate) to pretty much pay for and pick up the PS Pre and Mono my dealer had managed to pick up the Diablo 300 and mentioned he had sold a few over the past month - me mention that it was running in alongside the PS gear and it may be worth a listen :wink:. He knows me very well. Two hours later I had change sides back to the gryphon the diablo is a different Gryphon beast the amps and range has taken some serious design / sound changes so don’t fall into comparing to past Gryphon integrateds

For me I’m more towards vocals and the midrange and bass control of the Diablo was simply stunning for me a step above the BHK the two hours was needed because when you make buying decisions you tend to lock in before you go in but honestly a couple of minutes in as my dealer smiled and left me alone in the room he knew ,

As for the DAC module I didn’t go down that path - they are meant to be very good but i love my DSD - The whole pre / Mono v Integrated really for this level of amp isn;t really needed its a seriously well designed piece of kit.

Gryphon have a view on power but can also confirm that this amp runs better thru a P20 feeding it

Good luck on this but if you can go and have a listen its well worth it …


It will be a sad day indeed if (when?) the vast majority of remaining dealers are forced close their doors

Nothing can replace seeing, touching, feeling and of course hearing a variety of products in a single location. Yes I know about home trials, etc i’m not up for that hassle. I want to see the build quality first hand, feel the controls, talk to a trusted dealer, work a deal, have coffee, talk gear…

Quick rant over, back to your regular scheduled programming


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We’re you able to also hear any of the luxman integrated vs the gryphon Diablo?

yes, most of them at one time or another Luxman is fantastic stuff, I am a fan of Japanese gear, I run Accuphase, Triode of Japan and Concert Fidelity in my systems

That said, something (everything?) about the sound of the Diablo did it for me beautiful sound, effortless power, just seems like its coasting along. I enjoy listening to it just about every time I walk into this shop

gotta be a Diablo owner on here that can discuss in more detail


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My dealer represents both PSA & Gryphon, so I was able to have a demo of the BHK Pre/300 monos/250 stereo and compare with the Gryphon Diablo 300.

I bought the Diablo as I preferred the overall presentation, providing punchy but controlled bass with lovely mids and open highs.

It’s fed by a P15 and drives SabrinaX’s with ease, producing 600W (into 4 ohms).

I’m very happy with the combo.


I’ll add my dealer was a Luxman dealer as well and to be honest we never went down this path, when your hifi store knows you (we are talking 25+ years ) they tend to know your likes and are just there to guide and let you play … Even in my sessions with the BHK gear i reckon i spent 5 hours in store and besides getting me coffee and the old coffee machine chat - i pretty much had one of there rooms to myself to just play listen and make my own mind up - I loved the sound of the BHK 300 / Pre they are stunning but when i heard the Diablo on similar speakers to mine as @Bauer mentions the overall presentation and control of the Diablo its pretty special - No regrets on my Diablo 300 :two_hearts:


Great testaments to the value of good dealerships here in this thread. You were able to compare head to head current top gear and pick the best for you.

There is a lot of satisfaction in doing an enjoyable test and hearing something you think is good, but then hearing the next one that absolutely destroys what you just heard. Then you think to yourself, damn - if it wasn’t for this opportunity I might have spent 5 figures on the inferior product and never been the wiser!


I believe most of the people here feel PSA makes some killer gear. But to say the BHK must be much better is a strange statement. Especially given you stated you don’t have any experience with the Diablo 300 or BHK 300. Can you explain why you feel it must be much better?

Also did Gryphon make larger integrateds in the past? I thought the Diablo 300 was the largest integrated they ever made @ 300 watts into 8 ohms. Of course I could be wrong :thinking:

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I understand that you ask, so here about the experience I don’t have and have.

I don’t have experience with the class AB Diabolo and I don’t have direct 1:1 comparison experience with the BHK vs. a Gryphon amp.

I have long time experience with several Gryphon AB and A power amps of the Antileon era and with the old Tabu 100W 8 Ohm and the Callisto 200W 8 Ohm AB integrateds as well as with a BHK 300 and a later Gryphon power amp in separate dealer setups.

My experience (from hearing them in different surroundings) is that the BHK plays roughly on the level of a Gryphon Class A power amp, just with different characteristics and strengths. In my impression the later Gryphon power amp had very similar characteristics as the past ones, no very different class. My experience is also that the integrated AB amps and the AB power amp I heard were light years inferior sounding than a Gryphon A power amp at the time.

Not only due to the in my perception continuation of the basic Gryphon electronic design concepts, but also due to the usual advantages of separate designs vs. integrateds, I don’t expect major differences of two more actual representatives of each category today.

That’s no ideal precondition for a guess, but it’s the background for mine.

What I want to add is that I shouldn’t say what’s better sounding by my guess as that’s depending on the grade of surrounding setup. In a setup that’s on the level of the integrated, the power amp might not sound noticeably better. It’s the potential of a BHK or Gryphon power amp I see as much bigger than of an integrated no matter what wattage.

Nah I am going to disagree :slight_smile:

I was coming off a Callisto - and your right not even close to the BHK but hey its a 15+ year design - the new Diablo (the second version) are a considerable redesign by Gryphon following the redesign of the Pandora/Mephisto pre/power.

Dealer listening sessions on around $400K + worth of Kit a lot of it PS Audio P20 / DSD with speakers ranging from Focal to S Faber and every time to me the Diablo just sounded better more control and better presentation. Certainly no evidence of system limitation or issues on the Separates v Int

all i can suggest is if your thinking about looking for a BHK replacement with a smaller footprint saving dollars on cables this is worth a look because they do sound so good …


I own a full Gryphon setup that I am currently upgrading to their newly announced top of the line gear. I have no doubts about what I am doing and even less doubt about where Gryphon performs in comparison to any other brand. It’s the best, no question in my mind. Comparing it to PS Audio gear is apples to oranges. Lots of people prefer oranges and that’s a great thing for them. But if sound is important Gryphon is exceptional.

I currently have a Pandora Preamp with the Legato phono stage, a Kalliope DAC, and the Antileon Evo stereo amp. All are the current and latest designs. This week I’ll swap out the Kalliope DAC for the Ethos Transport/DAC. In July I’ll switch to the Commander Preamp and Apex stereo amp. It’s a big purchase but what the heck. I don’t expect to do much in the way of changes after ths. Can’t imagine what I’d change to. Actually its pretty silly reaching for more than what I have now. But I can’t resist.


As they say downtown - “You Da Man!”

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I don’t know what it is going to take to safely get the 450 pound Apex amp down the stairs to the bunny room. The 180 pound Antileon Evo damn near killed me getting it down. 450 pounds, gahd.


“We’re not worthy”. Or can lift, or afford, that rig, but you go guy.

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