Classical Music Book

Wow, music at this level is more a life style than it is just listening to music. Suppose you could also classify Opera and Ballet also as a life style, it really takes a dedicated mind to learn the many facets of this type of music. This book helps, ‘The Enjoyment of Music’ by Joseph Machlis. It has given me a deeper appreciation for what I’m hearing and for the Masters, they were brilliant!


Thank you for this post, just downloaded the book. Seems like a lot of the “Listening Activity” is available on Qobuz. I have a feeling this will be a terrific reference for my education in classical and modern music and music listening in general.

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Hey you spooked me this morning with your post mentioning Qobuz. Cause I had just finished downloading 4 cd alblums from Qobuz, and the email from your reply popped up, eriee. Yeah Qobuz does have unusual resources compared to other services and it is easy to use. Cheers!

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