Bargain for classical music - BSO website


I recently discovered the downloads available from the Boston Symphony’s website, They’ve got about 15 albums at 24/88 that you can buy for US$9.99 each, which is reasonable. But the real bargain is to buy a subscription for $50 for one year, which lets you download anything (or everything . . . ) in the catalog and also gives you any new albums posted during the term of the subscription. There is a choice of AIFF, WMA, or MP3. I haven’t heard them all, but with the BSO the quality will probably be high. If you go to the “Shop” tab and scroll down to the various digital subscription options, click “More details” and you will see what’s currently available. They also have a lot of free stuff (interviews with artists etc.) available at


Excellent find.


Hint: The subscriptions are listed in the cue with the music. Look closely and you will see that three of the “album covers” look alike. Select the subscription from one of these options. This looks like a VERY good deal. :slight_smile: Also note that the FLAC subscription is at 16 bits, not 24 for some reason and the titles available in FLAC format are very limited- beware. AIFF looks like the winner here.


@magister This is great! Thank you. Love the BSO.


I will check this out! (I noticed that the SFO was selling some of their Mahler series on line in hi res)