Classical Music on Qobuz (or Tidal)

As a long term skeptic of steaming audio, I recently installed a Bridge II on my DSD. In turn, that’s hooked up to Roon and Qobuz–I have been very surprised and pleased with the SQ. I agree with Robert Harley’s recent editorial where he stated that a streaming service will get you into genres you might not otherwise listen to. It’s also nice to check out a recording you might wish to buy, etc.

However, as an avid classical fan who listens to some Jazz and Pop, I find the classical offerings of Qobuz and Tidal rather pitiful to say nothing of their total ignorance on how to index the genre. Then, I came across Primephonic which is a purely classical service and took out a trial subscription so I could look at their catalog and was totally delighted. BUT, only available as a web service, no streaming device integration (ugh), so I canceled.

I emailed Primephonic regarding my desire for their API to be integrated on the Bridge II and they said they were aware of the need to partner with various streaming device manufacturers. However, such an effort was a while down the road. So I guess I am asking any of you on this Network Audio forum, who like classical, to email them and express your desire for a Bridge II interface in the hopes of shortening that ‘while down the road’.

Or maybe we should start our own classical streaming service company…

Have you tried Roon’s indexing of Qobuz and Tidal?

IMHO Roon is doing a decent job of organizing classical.

I use Roon and it’s indexing is OK, but still doesn’t seem to understand things like chamber vs string quartets, piano trios, etc., very well.

I’d love to see “Piano Trios” as a classical subgenre on Roon, but this is a big ask.

What makes Roon work for me is that classical indexing is organised around “compositions” as opposed to tracks or songs. So that you can easily browse all performances of “The Ghost” trio available on Qobuz and Tidal.

Yes, and those items you save to your library can be tagged in any level of detail you wish.