How can I view various sub genres in Classical music in Qobuz or Tidal using Roon?

Just as a for instance, how can I bring up baroque listings in Qobuz or Tidal using Roon?

Other than picking a baroque song playing it and letting Roon Radio drive and seeing if it stayed in genre. I noticed Roon Radio lists are not random and canned after a specific song is played. Try it and it will go to a canned list of playback songs multiple days in a row. It would be interesting to see how personal their algorithms are?

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Interesting. I know there used to be an ability to display a number of sub genres and to select from them, but I guess that option was done away with during one of the updates.

At Home Under Classical Genres. If you scroll down their are sub genres. baroque is not there.


Thanks Vmax, I thought sub genres were a thing of the past.

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