Clicking noise coming from Directstream Sr

I’m sure most of you are aware of the clicking noise Directstream makes upon first start up after it loads the firmware/operating system. On occasion I hear this same noise long after the unit has powered up. Maybe once every 4 or 5 hours. I’m just curious as to what this noise is. Should I be concerned? Is this normal?

Are you going through the Bridge II input?

This isn’t noise on the output signal but from something inside the chassis itself.

Hmm, that is a really weird one. Does it happen when playing music? Or maybe when the song changes?

I’ve had 3 different Directstream’s here and all of them have made the noise. The next time you power up a Directstream Sr. just as the OS loads and the touchscreen goes to the normal GUI there is a distinctive “click” noise. This is the same noise I hear every once and a while during operation. Like I said, its maybe once every 4 or 5 hours. I’m just curious what it is and if its supposed to happen during normal operation.

I know the exact click you’re talking about upon startup. I’ve never heard it happen when the DSD is just sitting there though. I’m going to ask around and see if I can get some answers. Standby.

I just seen this post, I am getting a rapid snap from the out put on my DSD I don’t have a bridge I will using the DMP only when I load a disc in it stops, removing the disc it starts again. I know this post is for a different problem I just thought I’d throw this out. I have to make sure my volume is down when there’s no disc loaded.

Does this only happen on the I2S input?

This is a totally different phenomenon and noise. My noise is related to something with the hardware inside the Directstream making audible noise, not the output signal like your noise is originating from. There are quite a few threads that discuss the noise you’re talking about.

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Okay great, I will take a look at them.
Thank you i I hope you get your issue resolved ASAP

The click on power up is the mute relay and the attenuator relay clicking once (or twice). The mute relay is actually an unmute relay that gets engaged when the system is ready to play, the attenuator is clicked to one side and then possibly again depending on your last usage. If you heard the same sound later while it was playing but the attenuator didn’t change nor the did the mute change, something else is causing a similar noise - but I don’t have any idea what that might be.

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Thanks for hopping in as always Ted. Seegs, I did some asking around and people were most interested if this happens while you’re listening to music, and if so, does anything change as far as sound goes?

Sorry I just seen your response, multitasking and old= bad attention.
I am using i2s only I am not by my system otherwise I would try it. I never had any noise at all it just came out of nowhere.
my DMP& DSD have all the current updates. I have been using it for a few weeks with no problem. There has been no changes in my system either .thank you for your reply

Yes, it happens when playing music. No audible change in sound at all. Just that clicking noise coming from inside the chassis.

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Very strange. I say we keep an eye on it and see if it progresses or changes. I hesitate suggesting you send it in to be checked out because I’d hate for it to have to sit on a work bench for a week while the techs wait for it to happen.

Thanks for the reply. I use my Directstream for my desktop PC setup, so I’m sitting only a couple feet away within arms reach. I wonder if its just heat related expanding and contacting of the hardwate inside. It sounds just like that click at startup so I assumed it was that. I may be a special case to hear the noise because I’m sitting so close.

Try power cycling everything in your system. (rear switches for DSD and DMP) I had a few people a long time ago mention their DMP made this sound and it stopped when they power cycled it. Never returned.

Okay I will do that when I get back Next week. It sounds like it’s just a fluke and will go away since it’s been reported in the past. And again thank you you guys are great.

That’s the output relay muting and unmuting. It is perfectly normal, though I don’t know why it would mute or unmute during operation. The other internal relays are for the attenuator.