Crackling sound when switching inputs

Until tonight, I have had no issues when switching back and forth between the Bridge and the I2S inputs. Just now, when I switched from the I2S-1 (DMP) to the Bridge, I heard a crackling sound. I got the sound again when I repeated the change. The level of the crackling noise varies with the volume control. When switching back to the DMP, I hear the faint click as when a DSD file starts to play. No music is playing now since I hit Stop on the remote, but I still get the noise.

Any thoughts? I don’t like this noise.

Any chance you aren’t running Torreys final? Otherwise nothing comes to mind.

No, been running Torreys Final ever since it was released.

It seems like somehow the DS thinks that music is playing when it isn’t. I usually get the ‘DSD click’ when I start to play an SACD on the DMP, but now I get it when switching to I2S-1 even though nothing is playing on the DMP.

No changes in cabling or anything else recently. I am using the PSA-supplied HDMI cable from the DMP to the DS and an XLR interconnect from DS to BHK preamp.

You might try a different HDMI cable just in case even though it seems unlikely.

I’ll try this when I get ahold of a different cable. Meanwhile, the crackling sound seems to have gone away but I still get the ‘DSD click’. I was more concerned about the former, although there is no reason to get the click when nothing is playing.