Concerning noise on DSD startup

After 10 days away from home and my system being off the entire time, the night I returned I powered everything up and upon the DSD standby got a terrible noise. It powered up fine, the noise came when I tried to put in in standby with the front button. I powered it off and on again with the rear switch and it happened a second time (upon standby). I took video this time. Its a high rate clicking/buzzing noise with a corresponding flicker on the screen and standby buitton. The second time I let it go and it stopped on its own. I played music which was fine. After a couple hours I hit the standby and it functioned properly.


Anyone else have this happen? Any ideas?


I’ve not seen or heard of something like this.

Just a wild guess, do you have a non PS Audio I2S device hooked up? If so, as an experiment unhook it and then see what happens. Some I2S devices out there provide 5V, which the DS does too. This can lead to various problems.

The only other (far fetched) thing I can think of is very low input voltage.

Thanks Ted. I do have a Matrix feeding the I2S. Not sure if that device qualifies for your thoughts on the 5V. Everything is plugged into a P15 so I am doubtful about the under voltage but I am certainly no engineer. I will report back or reach out to support if it continues.


The Matrix is fine - it’s very unlikely to cause this problem. Support is probably the best approach.