CNET article - Youth Movement in High-End Audio


About the “youth movement” in High end audio.


Great article! Cool to know. I certainly did not know this:

Wyred 4 Sound

EJ Sarmento started working for PS Audio when he was just 15, he’s 33 now and his Wyred 4 Sound company makes a sizable range of highly regarded components. I hope to get one in for review later this year.


EJ was a young tech working for Rick Cullen at Cullen Circuits when they manufactured our products. He was always an extraordinarily bright young man and I have the greatest respect for EJ. A true entrepreneur in the finest sense of the word.


Been dealing with Zu for years and they are great. Sean came from Kimber so they also make great cables. Their discontinued items can be had by them on eBay for crazy affordable prices. Using a ZU Event MK1 PC on my P10 and it’s great. 2 meter version of these cables go for around $100 on eBay and they compare to some of the best cables available. All cables are manufactured in house. With a 60 day return policy how could you go wrong.


My ZU Soul Supremes are supposed to arrive Friday. They offered a full trade in on my Omen Dirty Weekend speakers but they’re so good, I’m giving them to my son.


Nice - would love to go in that direction for a second system. Low power tube amp with high efficiency speakers. ZU, Decware and others are doing some really interesting things in this area. I do love my Magnepans though and they are mighty hungry. Nice to see that there are some great audio companies like these and PSA that are so innovative and consumer centric. Don’t miss the dealer experience from the years ago. Most were horrific…


I drove my ZU’s with a 2 watt Decware and it was wonderful. And a friend is driving his Maggie .7’s with 20 solid state watts and they work very well even in his very large room.


Wow - 20w - can’t imagine. Waiting on delivery of a Odyssey Kismet. Got a great price on the upgrade of my 20 year old Stratos.


Love to hear how you like the Souls Supreme. I have heard nothing but great stuff about Dirty Weekends. It would be kinda cool to have a Zu/low Watt/tube system. Something simple. Sometimes I look at my system and think " holy smokes- what have I done!" lol…


That really made me laugh. I sometimes think the same thing when I look at my system or in my garage.
But it all keeps me off the streets and out of trouble. And the stereo is my meditation, etc, etc. Life wouldn’t be as good without it.
The Dirty Weekends reach way beyond their price point. They’re magnificent. I’ve used them with a Decware 83 somethingorother–2 watts, an Aesthetix Atlas–a brute of an amp and my current First Watt J2. All fabulous. Sean Casey is in my opinion, one of those guys–Nelson Pass, Bascom King, Jim White, Wayne Colburn…
I’ll certainly let you know about the Soul Supremes.
btw–speaking of the CNET article, Steve Guttenberg thinks the Regen is just a conditioner and not as good as the power come out of his wall in Brooklyn. Go figure. PSA needs to send him a P20 to try.


Please do. I may change direction, who knows. I seem to be becoming disillusioned with the plethora of 100K + components and systems and many owners still dissatisfied with certain aspects, performance and quality etc. Kinda like WUS sometimes, so many so concerned with first world “problems”. It’s a hobby and a passion. I’ll never not have music-I have had a “system” since I was 10. I have had a lot of fun with numerous systems throughout the years. And really, they were all good to great sounding at the time. I could imagine Zus and Aesthetix or Sprout and Focal doing pretty well too. Actually, almost got a W4S as they enjoy a good reputation- never heard them though.


I’d add Steve Deckert from Decware to that list. Would love to check the low power side of the fence out. Looks like so much fun…


Steve Deckert is also brilliant and goes his own way. The 2 watt amp that I tried, I borrowed from a friend who travels a lot. I just don’t need another amp (I just bought back my Aesthetix from same friend who never used it; he practically gave it to me). But if I did need an amp, Decware would be high on my list.


In case of value- The Souls with a J2…


Heard many great things about that amp. Would love to check out that combo some day.


I promised to reply about the Soul Supremes. Well, they’re playing now for about 20 minutes and they’re going back. Kidding. They’re wonderful.
Zu do burn in for 600 (I think) hours before they test and ship. All I can say is that they are so brilliant and clear and detailed from top to bottom that I hope they don’t change much from where they are.


Nice - Congrats!


Great to hear and glad you are happy. I read a lot about those in the past. Tough part is you can’t really hear them (I also shopped Salk and same thing). There is a a local Clist sale for Druids Mk4 I think. Anyway Ron, what you need now are cables! I saw these on Amazon and they would be perfect! FREE shipping!


Ha! Can you imagine?