Compare speakers' & headphones' signatures

I’d like to hear some comparisons between loudspeakers and headphones, ones that have something or more in common with their presentations. Any price point for either, since obviously the price efficiency curves for speakers and 'phones are ill-defined per group and even more ill-defined in comparison)
This is entirely valid, though mostly for fun I guess. Well, hearing such comparison could actually advise someone to seek speakers/'phones that by reference have preferable qualities in common…

The thought of this popped to my head when my friend compared the sound of his Audeze LCD-2Cs to a friend’s big USSR Radiotehnika speakers. Even though a seemingly jesty comparison (1000$ new planar phones vs vintage USSR speakers sold for a bottle of cheap liquor, heh), I had to attend to confirming the stated similarity - sure enough, they did have a notably similar characteristic to them, disregarding the huge but then again relative difference in high fidelity.
(If someone knows to recommend actually high-fidelity speakers that share traits with the Audeze house sound, please do!)