All about speakers in general

Master Elk has asked that we add another forum, this time about loudspeakers. I am in agreement. None of us listens without speakers, whether they stand in our room, live in our walls, or cover our ears, speakers are what convert electrical energy into sound and without them we are just whistling dixie. Literally.

A great place to discuss what works well with the Sprout, with the new BHK, and loudspeakers in general.

Great to have a new forum for loudspeakers also.

Any opinions on Marten speakers? I have a Marten Getz II speakers at home:

I missed hearing the Marten speakers at the last two shows I attended. I have a great interest in hearing them.

The few times I have heard the Marten speakers I was totally impressed.

While waiting for the Mono’s, how did the BHK Stereo do with the Magnepan 20.7’s in Munich?

Played them beautifully and if it wasn’t for the terrible room we had, they would have been best at show.

Wondering whether anyone has found excellent speakers to use with Sprout ?

I’m thinking bookshelf => desktop system; my existing floorstanders / my ears don’t agree with Sprouts’ bass hump.

elsewhere Elk has mentioned really good value Pioneers.

Yes, the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR. $106, shipped, from Amazon. Astounding value. Perfect for the headphone listener who wants to get an idea of what good speakers are like.

I do not have a Sprout, but from everything I have read it scales well and will reveal what better speakers can do.

+1 on the Pioneer, although depending on what you want to spend, I heard the Sprout at last year’s RMAF with the Golden Ear Aeon2 (I think it was the 2). It was a very nice match.

Excellent suggestion. Everything from GoldenEar is silly good for the money.