Tidal Max. Not bad

I’ve been giving Tidal Max a listen and it’s not bad. I was going to cancel Tidal but I think I will keep it.

Qobuz still sounds better than Tidal.

How so?

Serious question; not trolling you.

I have subscribed to both for years now, and I just cancelled my Tidal sub. (Last week).

Looking for affirmation of the wisdom of my choice after the fact…


Tidal just got a face lift and instead of MQA there is MAX. It does sound better.

Does Tidal Max require the unfolding that Tidal does, or did?

I don’t think so.


Also being discussed here:

Nice Tidal Max integration in Aurender’s v4 Conductor app

Apple Music kinda rocks for classical stuffs Too these days

I had Apple Music (including Classical) for a while but the GUI stinks!

On both my systems, Tidal sounds sounds brighter and high frequencies have a somewhat etched character compared to Qobuz. Qobuz just sounds more organic and is less prone to inducing listener fatigue. Plus, Tidal has a poor selection of classical music and other music I listen too compared to Qobuz. I imagine I’ll be cancelling my Tidal subscription soon.