Completely Maxed out VPI Aries 2 Extended?

I have owned this VPI Aries 2 Extended since the late 1980’s. Over the years, I have continually upgraded the table. Now, I believe the end of the road has been reached.

1) JMW 12.7i arm with Valhalla wire

2) Single Motor/Flywheel

3) SDS Motor Controller

4) Classic 4 Feet

5) HRX Platter

6) HRX oversized bearing

7) HRX sub-plinth weight

8) VPI Weight

9) VPI Periphery Ring

"It’s not the distance but the ride."

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Nice looking rig!


Yes indeed that is a nice table! Doesn’t hurt that I have one very similar. Mine has a 12.7 base and a 12.5 arm wand, the clear acrylic platter with outer ring and center weight, the single motor flywheel, and in the next few days the mini TNT feet. I was OK with the stock cone feet but VPI recommended the mini TNT feet to raise the table slightly for clearance of the flywheel. Not sure why it’s higher than the standard motor, but it is. I’ve been thinking of getting a 12.7 arm wand, but may hold out for the 3-D arm, VPI is pretty fair about trade-ins. I’m also using a Shelter 901, nice cartridge but not sure it’s the best match for the arm. I have very fond memories of the Koetsu Black I had on my HW-19, but I learned the hard way not to clean the accumulated gunk from the coils! Do you use a Koetsu? I know you were selling some, but they were out of my range.

If you look closely, I had to raise the flywheel/motor assembly also…especially to use double belts.

I’m sure the Tigereye is out of my range, especially given the desire to upgrade my PWD to DS! I got the mini TNT feet today and was disappointed to find they are not as tall as I thought. My problem with the stock cones is the flywheel hit the underside of the platter. I’ve got stainless washers as spacers between the cones and the plinth plus some cone cups to raise it further. With the mini TNT feet the cone cups won’t work. This will take a little more work than I thought.

You want the Classic 4 feet. Bigger footprint, beefier, & taller than the TNT Mini. That is what you see in my photos.

If you want to raise the motor/flywheel in an elegant and sonically sane manner:Take one of the motor/flywheel feet to the hardware store and match the treads. Then got to: and find and elegant solution. I did this once. Went to the hardware store and matched the threads. By the time I got home I forgot the thread size & count. Gave up. Typical of me.

Damn, appears I got the wrong feet, and it was such a good deal… So how tall are your feet? With respect to the motor/flywheel did you put the stock rubber feet on the Herbies thing (isolation disk? or Soft Fat Dot?) or did you replace the feet and use an isolation disk? I didn’t see anything on Herbies site small enough for use as a foot. Lowering the motor/flywheel will help, but there’s only so much you can do. Also want to avoid sending vibration into the platform (maple butcher block). Thanks for help, too bad we didn’t have this exchange a week ago!

I will measure the Classic 4 feet tomorrow. Since I have to go to the hardware store tomorrow, I will take a motor threaded foot to get size/count, and then look up a solution @ Herbies Audio.

As a temporary solution, I just used the spike couplers that came with the Von Schweikert VR 5 Anniversay Mark II speakers to raise the flywheel/motor assembly a little bit. Need one more day for hardware store. I got involved with changing out my speaker stands and a 10 minute job a ended out being a prolonged event.

Bet you thought I forgot. And, I did. Here is the size & thread count for the VPI single motor/flywheel feet:

6-32 x 1/2inch.

Oh I didn’t forget, but you are doing me a favor so I’m not pushing. Thanks for the info! Also, how tall are the Classic 4 feet themselves (not including the threaded section)? Thanks!

Oh, forgot to do that - feet tomorrow. I will have to drill out the VPI motor case this weekend and tap for 8-32 threads x 3/4 - cannot find threaded feet as small as 6-32.

If the DS works as well as advertised, your VPI will be spending a lot of time collecting dust! THE FOOTS!

VPI Classic 4 Feet (may apply to other Classic Feet):

2 1/4" height not including threads. Footprint diameter is 3".


Really? The old chestnut of analogue vs. digital?

Birddogthecat, thanks! Your feet are about 1/2" taller than mine. That would help with my clearance issues, I’ll have to decide if that convenience is worth the cost.

I sent you a PM.

Sold on AudioGon at ASK 3 weeks ago. New buyer/owner very happy!