VPI CLASSIC SIGNATURE TT--Anybody have experience with it?

I know they’re a good product.
I sold my old old old turntables and I have a chance at one of these for a very good price.
Just looking for some feedback re. regular use, long term reliability, service , etc.
I’ve never been a fan of the rituals of vinyl, but I have a zillion records, so…
Thanks in advance

I have the Prime Signature, which sounds so good with my Ortofon Cadenza Bronze. Both models are built like tanks, and properly set up will give stunning results. After all, it’s a VPI.


VPI is my way to go. Made in the USA and they are built like a tank.


I have a VPI Classic 1 that I bought about 6 years ago with no regrets. I have never had an issue with it and they have a good community forum too.

VPI Forum


Now I’m psyched! Thanks


You should be psyched!

Thanks for the link. Their forum looks excellent.

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Owner of two VPIs, though not a Classic, but have known a number of people who’ve been very happy with theirs. They make really great 'tables right in your neck of the woods.

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True story.

In the 90’s I had one of the HW-19’s. I sent it into VPI for a bearing and motor upgrade and they mistakenly sent me a TNT JR table in return.

When I called to inform them of their boo-boo and get an RMA to get my HW-19 back their response was: “Our bad. Just keep it. We’ll get 'ya next time.” :exploding_head:

Which I gladly did. And I still have it to this day so they haven’t “gotten” me yet, but after that experience, I wouldn’t even consider anything but VPI.

The other nice thing about VPI’s is that they tend to be easily upgradeable in terms of bearings, motors, and platters. So you can pretty much keep them going forever.


I have a VPI Prime, added a Road Runner/Eagle speed control, CounterIntuitive and the VPI dual pivot stabilizer assembly. It is a solid turntable. I chose it over the VPI Classic 3 for a slightly more open sound. I also have a Linn Sondek LP 12 with Lingo 4, Kore, Circus, Nirvana and a Rega P8. VPI is a solid choice, and if you are getting a favorable price do not hesitate.

I bought a Classic 3 TT with a 3D tonearm in 2014 and it still works well. It is indeed built like a tank and there are all sorts of mods that you can apply that add to the fun of ownership. The VPI Forum, like PS Audio’s, is very friendly and provides a wealth of information.

Scoutmaster with a Soundsmith cartridge. Sold her two years ago. A very fine turntable that worked great for years. This setup was impervious to floor or wall born vibrations too.


I’ve owned a couple Classics and currently own an Avenger

Easy upgrade path if One was so inclined, 3D reference tonearm, periphery ring are both impactful if the unit you are considering is not already equipped, various foot options…

Well built, solid, high mass turntables in general, I ran a Cadenza Red on my classic to great effect


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I see the VPI Player has its own phono stage. Is it any good or do you still need a phono preamp?

Another Avenger owner. Mine has the upgraded feet and the BLDC motor and rim drive. I’m not getting rid of it. :grinning: :wink:

And IME, I haven’t met many folks in the audio world that are as easy to work with as Harry and Mat Weisfeld. They and the company have always taken good care of me.


The Player includes a phono preamp. Personally I’d move up the VPI line and include a separate phono stage in my budget. That path provides for more flexibility regarding upgrade paths. Of course it depends on your current system.


I use the VPI Classic II with the 9" JM memorial tone arm. Love it for the price and performance. Once you get used to the uni-pivot tonearm horizontal adjustment you’re all set.

The tone arm, if you use the JM Memorial version, adapts to MC and MM cartridges pretty well so you have some latitude. I use a Benz Ruby Z and a SUMIKO Blackbird, both. No problems with either one on the JM Memorial arm.

A solid well made basic and easy to live with table for sure. Easy to see why it earns the entry class A rating.


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Ron- having owned 2x VPIs, I can tell you they are fantastic and build well. Of course, they do have their quirks, but VPI is pretty good with answering any issues. I had a VPI Prime and now own a VPI Classic 3 signature pictured below. The classic is a monster and easily upgradable. Additionally, it can be picked up on the secondary market for a fair price and more importantly, resold without issue should it not suit your tastes. Good Luck!


The seller is a local guy who I barely know. He bought a Kronos and is having problems with it, so I wait until his issues are sorted out before I can buy his VPI. Frustrating.