I know this is a push. I’m going to try my luck any ways. I’m also a amp builder, but purely on a hobby level. My main income actually comes from writing software for South African banks.

I’ve been really struggling getting high end main transistors. 4 pairs matched of npn type.
If any of your builds use that sort of configuration I’m dying for a matched pair of 4. Would you be able to sell some?
15 years ago I used BUV20 from STMicroElectronics
Looked at their BUTW92 npn, but cannot find stock, never mind matched pairs.
What are the alternatives for VERY good transistors that can maybe idle at around 70 watts. (bias at around 70%)
I always overspec my transistors, as I find they just sound better if you do not cross the 40% max mark.

Lastly Paul, thanks for your video on my question on the decline of quality musical content.

PS, almost forgot. Would love to get my hands on some of your banana/spade binding posts, or a pointer into the right direction for commercial option. I currently use solid copper posts, but they oxidize fast, and only have finger grooves and not a wrench option.

Welcome to the community @CraftyZA
I would check one of these suppliers:
2021 Top 50 Electronics Distributors List | Electronic Design
I like Mouser