Status of new amp?


Paul, it’s been a while since we heard about progress on the new amp. I know you were displaying it at RMAF, but to the best of my knowledge it was the version needing some “improvement” to the top end. Assume you are still tweaking it, but can you give us an update? Understand your plate has been full lately, but need to prepare my bank account for the upcoming shock!


I suspect that he has improved things a bit from our last update, but wants to get much closer to the amp he swung a comparison to. In order to figure out how to do that he probably needs, or at least wants to figure out why and what.

While I would love to have have a new PS Audio amp today, I am more willing to wait until Paul figures out to make it sound as good as it possibly can.



Exactly. I have made good progress but when the NPC’s started to roll out I got shoved to the side in engineering. Now there are two more projects requiring their attention and I am sitting on the sidelines again. :-S Life’s tough standing in line.


Understand, only so much time in the day and days do seem to be getting shorter! My concern is my current amp, Audio Research Classic 60, is pretty sensitive and I run the PWD volume in the 35-50 range. I’ve been mostly listening to streaming radio the last few months which isn’t high resolution, but now that it’s getting colder outside I’ll be inside more and listening to CD and higher resolution. Want to get the best sound but don’t want to play too loud either. Is there a way I can “de-sensitize” the amp so I can run the PWD volume a little higher? I should add that when I got the NPC I was able to adjust the gain so I could run the volume much higher, sounded great, problem was when you switch sources and forget to lower the volume … Ouch!