Confused about the Octave Records shipping costs

I was just about to order some CD’s from Octave Records, but the shipping costs confuse me a little bit. On the other hand the website says all Octave Records items need to be made in separate orders, but then on the other hand, all items also carry a shipping cost of USD 15. So is it really so that there’s no possibility to combine shipping costs for multiple items, when one is ordering those to Europe?

And well, this summary calculation doesn’t make understanding the total cost of an order any easier :sweat_smile:

The USA shipping cost is $7.00. I called about not being able to get two discs on the same order. They oppologized and said they can’t even take an order for two discs over the phone. That means you have to pay a separate shipping fee for each disk. The only alternative is to select the download option for which there is no charge.

Come on PS Audio and figure out how to let us order two SACDs with only one shipping charge.

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For how much PS Audio charges to ship domestically, their shipping speed/service is beyond horrible. I’ve ordered three of their releases, and none has arrived sooner than two weeks after purchases. In fact, I am still waiting for Gabriel Mervine’s SACD purchased on 03/05/21. This might or might not speak volume on the quality of PS Audio operations…

I’m waiting for my copy in Canada. Previous purchases were about 10 days. This one is longer. I ordered within minutes of notification. I get discs from Japan faster.

I will put a pause on buying from Octave Record after this. If I really like the album, I might just buy the downloadable version. But being a long-time PS Audio owner, this level of service really puts a stain on their reputation, and I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come.

Paul previously explained their shipping department is not set up for high volume and, since the components of the recording and packaging come from different parts of the world, they need to be hand assembled.

But fulfilling the requests has been slow, especially in our current world with Amazon’s near immediate gratification shipping.

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He also mentioned that they were trying to improve (or have improved?) the shipping with each new release, but it clearly hasn’t come to fruition in my case. Being charged $7 to receive a CD in 15-20 days two states below are still quite something, with or without comparing to Amazon.

The SACDs ordered are being shipped out within a day or two so I don’t think anything different has happened. The US mail service isn’t the fastest….

Also, we should be able to put several in one package soon. Thanks for hanging in there with us.

I, too, have notice a significant drop off in “service time” across the USPS system.

I believe the USPS has a myriad of management issues that were exacerbated by the Pandemic.

It will be interesting to see what happens to service quality when the Pandemic is more or less behind us.

The USPS has been that slow? Yike. Media mail I assume?

Add to the list: TNT / FedEx, DHL, Aramex, UPS, EMS, postal services across Asia and Europe, etc. Even customs worldwide have become much slower. The pandemic still hurts everywhere!

Our shipping system for years has only needed to ship maybe dozens of parcels a day. Our shipping team kicks butt and they do a killer job. Now with the Octave releases, that number of parcels has upped by 10X some days. To say there are some growing pains when increasing your ship volume by 10 times is putting it very mildly. We have been getting progressively better with each release and will continue.


I actually reached out to PS Audio to get a tracking number - the shipping label wasn’t even created until 03/11 at 11pm, almost 5 business days after the order was placed, and USPS Media Mail certainly did not help. In either case, I wish you the best on eventually putting this together, and I for one, after this third attempt, will not buy again until this is sorted out.

Screen Shot 2021-03-21 at 11.56.43 AM

That certainly wasn’t true when I ordered mine and it didn’t ship for another two weeks. Just saying.

Yep, took a week to ship after ordering…almost 2 weeks total.

It’s amazing how the delayed delivery of a simple CD can stop the Earth from going around! Deep, slow breaths my friends. All will be well.


As a for instance some of the materials that we use in our business every day that used to be stock items are now 12-16 weeks out. Some suppliers are out of stock until August. Yes a little patience is in order.

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We have been spoiled by the near instantaneous shipping of Amazon and other broad-based retailers.

Given the recordings are limited editions, I would rather order and wait a few weeks for delivery than not place an order and miss out.


Agree. It’s always nice to know I am dealing with human shippers with all their character, foibles and tact, than an automated AI system that is cold, uncaring and distant.

Yup. Media Mail. It’s the only way we can deliver for the price we ask. Most orders for discs are shipped within 24 hours of ordering (though not on weekends).

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