Octave Records site is a mess, arguably fraudulent

The Octave Records site will tell you what various charges are, will give you a (bogus) total, and will charge your card for a completely different total.

For example, when ordering the Audiophile Guide SACD, it said this:

Note - $29, $7 shipping, $4 sales tax but a total of $32.

I thought perhaps PS Audio had a deal going on so I entered my card info and continued with the transaction and… I was just charged $39:

This can’t be normal and certainly is unexpected.

Note I sent an email on April 10 asking about this discrepancy before making a purchase and received no reply.

Hmmm…Weird ! Seems like a glitch or someone intentionally messing about.

PSA has been very vocal about working on their new website in the last few weeks. Try calling them on Monday. They will get you situated.

So, I do a test just now, here it what it shows.

I am in Houston, so no sales taxes (which is correct), but, still, $29+$7=$29.

There is obviously a bug. @jamesh or @Paul will see this and will let the web people know.

If you have been directly impacted, give PS Audio a call on Monday.

There is no deliberate fraud or anything else nefarious occurring.


Yikes. Thanks for the heads up and on Monday I’ll have Kevin fix it right away. If anyone was overcharged please let us know and of course we’ll refund whatever is in error.

We’re certainly not doing this intentionally. :innocent: