Connecting a Schitt Jotunheim 2 to SG Pre

Hi all,

I currently have my Schitt Jotunheim 2 headphone amp connected to my DSD Mk2 using the RCA outputs on the DSD. The balanced DSD outputs are connected to my SG preamp.

I’d like to have the Jotunheim connected via balanced XLR connectors. I know I could put splitters off the DSD balanced outputs, but is there a reason I should not connect the Jotunheim to a set of unused XLR outputs on the preamp? I’d set the volume high on the Jotunheim and control it via the preamp. This would give me an added bonus of being able to remotely adjust the volume.

Thanks for any thoughts!


It’s actually better to connect the Jot to your preamp as you should not use both DS DAC outputs at the same time as they are not buffered (see manual). I run my Jot from a preamp as well with my DS DAC connected to the preamp.

Thanks much for the quick reply.

have set up my system using both DSD outputs because, according to Ted, you can connect both with no problem in most circumstances. In 2015, he wrote about connecting a headphones to the DS:

“Get a headphone amp, connect it’s analog inputs to the DS’s analog outputs (either balanced or unbalanced), connect the headphones to the headphone amp, connect the amp to the other DS analog outputs OR, if the headphone amp has an analog output, you probably will be fine connecting your amp to the headphone amp’s analog outputs. Things will work and you won’t hurt anything by using both of the DS’s analog outputs at the same time: The warning about using both of the DS’s analog outputs at the same time is that you might (or might not) get some noise in the outputs from unbalancing the balanced output a little and you might (or might not) get a slightly raised or lowered top end if the cables are too long. For most systems these effects are not noticeable nor significant.”

And in the same thread, James says that when asked they tell people to try it, it won’t hurt and problems should be rare (due to impedance mismatches).

That’s what led me try the current set-up. But now I’d like to try a balanced connection all the way through, hence my question about running it through the SG pre amp.