DSD Both Outputs Simultaneously

I’m considering selling my beloved Cary SLP-05 pre-amp and moving away from tubes (except for my BHK 300’s input tubes). I’d like to put my much loved Cary on the market before I buy a new preamp; however, I need to drive my BHK 300s (would use the XLR output) and an integrated amp (would use the RCA output) for my outside speakers in the meantime. The DSD owners manual says:

“DirectStream has two types of analog outputs, balanced XLR or single ended RCA. We do not recommend using both outputs at the same time.”

Anyone know why? How important is this? Thanks!!!

I have done this in the past. . . with ZERO issues. There are possible little sonic degradation according to some–I can’t say that I noticed any.

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The higher the input impedance of the single ended amp, the less impact it will have on the balanced outputs.


Yeah, as Lonson mentioned, there’s potential for an impedance mismatch which can make it sound crummy. You won’t hurt anything so it’s worth a shot. I’ve never had an issue and have done it in the past as well. I think we mention it in the manual to cover our butts.