Connecting bhk signature 250 to the xlr input of a powered subwoofer

How can I feed the amplified stereo signal from my BHK 250 to the single XLR input of a powered subwoofer?

You need to split before the BHK, try using a preamp, or splitter.

You can’t feed the signal from the BHK 250 to another amp. You need to send it from your Preamp. Or this will work:

If you are using the XLR input on the BHK 250 then I recommend instead a simple XLR splitter at either the amplifier input or the preamplifier output.

Hello Paul, first…This past January it was great meeting you and having Scott walk us through your new facility. From Nipper greeting us at the front door until we left, the staff at PS Audio made us feel welcomed. For me it was the highlight of an incredibly scenic trip through Colorado.
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In addition to the BHK 250 I currently own PS Audio DMP, PWD II and NuWave Phono Preamplifier.
Some would think that if I was smart enough to invest in those engineering marvels, how can I be so dumbfounded in connecting an active subwoofer?
I am not using the BHK XLR’s left and right inputs but… please forgive my ignorance but the left and right XLR’s on the BHK 250 are inputs and female.
The Onix Rocket UFW-10 Subwoofers single XLR input is also female. The subs other inputs are RCA’s labeled L/LFE AND R L+R SUMMED.
Until hopefully Santa brings the BHK Signature Pre, I am using Wyred 4 Sound ST Integrated amp. It feeds The BHK 250 via the ST’s line level OUTPUT RCA,s. The ST’s speaker post are not used.
The mains are polkaudio LSiM 707’s and reside in a 12’ x 14’ room with an eight foot ceiling.
Can a cable be made in this configuration: male XLR to left and right speaker?
Any other words of advice is greatly appreciated.


Thank You.

Hi Charles. What a pleasure for us to have you drop by. Thank you and glad you enjoyed your tour.

I am kind of confused as to what you’re asking me. My apologies for being dense.

All XLR based input are female (should be easy to remember for males :slight_smile: ) and their outputs are male. That way, any XLR cable always works because one end is male, the other female.

How would a male XLR to a speaker help? Or do you mean a male to male XLR? There’s certainly adapters for that, but I don’t get it.

Put the split before the amp. You will be driving amps in the sub too. Your splitter can go after the dac if that’s your preamp.

The chance of of you being dense is slim.
My goal was to send the best possible signal to the sub-woofer and your excellent videos suggested that your favorite way to connect a sub-woofer is through the power amp outputs.
My confusion was that I did not realize that the Rocket sub-woofer does not have a “high level input”. and I can not use this method of connection.
It seems that my only option for now with this sub-woofer as you and others suggest is via the RCA line level outputs of the preamp.
The sub-woofer is about 9 feet from the preamp. XLR to RCA cables exist. Is that connection method better than using the RCA’s of both components?
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Thank You for the advice.

“The chance of of you being dense is slim.”
then you didnt read his book!

Gotcha. No, I’d just go RCA to RCA

Thank you Paul. Exactly what I did.