Considering new gear... will my P5 be enough?

I am considering adding new gear to my rig. If I make the changes, I am wondering if my P5 is sufficient to power the following: McIntosh MT5 turntable, 312 power amp or possibly 462 amp, C2600 preamp, BluSound streamer, JL Sub 112 model. Concerned the amp may be a bit too much for it? Your help is appreciated!

No one has replied, and so I thought I’d bump this and update it with the gear that will officially be utilized…

McIntosh 462 amp, C2600 preamp, McIntosh MT5 Turntable, MEN220, Oppo 103D blu ray player, Blu Sound Node 2.

I think my P5 is plenty for this config, but would greatly appreciate clarity. THANKS!

So, my morning coffee hasn’t quite kicked in yet but if I understand that all that gear is currently powered by a P5, then what does the load data read on the status screen?

Thanks for the reply. I do not HAVE this gear yet. I am buying it soon. I DO own a P5 and want to know if it will support the above. Hope that helps? :slight_smile:

Your posts are clear, but it would help if you added up the power requirements of all of the equipment and provide the total load.

Edit: My guess is you are fine, but I do not know the gear well enough to otherwise opine.

Gotcha. So then research the power requirements per Elk’s suggestion and then call Boulder and they’ll guide you through.

I have a P5 but I only run my source gear and BHK Preamp from the P5. I think that even if you have headroom, the result output from the amp would sound lifeless. I run my BHK 300’s from the wall on a separate circuit with Furutech wall outlets and AC12 cables. As an aside, I run a beast, Woo Audio WA5-LE headphone amp from the P5. It only puts out 8 Watts so it works brilliantly.

Would be curious as well whether the P5 can run those gears.
I did ask PS audio about running a P15 with a pair of Mcintosh MC611 + Mcintosh Pre-amp and the source gears. They said its fine…