Will a P5 be ok?

Hi my system runs around Devialet 400 (2x LE 200’s), PS Audio PWT, Melco N1A, Intel I7 NUC with Roon Rock.
Will the P5 be sufficient for all this, also two amps which P5 outputs?
By the way speakers are Beonicke W8’s
Sorry if this has been brought up before


I use a P5 but I use it with my source gear and a very large all tube headphone amp. My BHK 300’s are right out of the wall. This has worked for me extremely well,

Plug the power amps directly into the wall. Everything else to the P5, doesn’t really matter which outputs. Others might be a bit more religious what gets plugged where.

That’s reassuring to me. I have a p-5 and all front end components plug into that. Amps have always plugged directly into the wall, but new BHK 300’s arrive tomorrow. I doubt my audio nervosa is severe enough to take Paul’s advice to buy a p-10 for each. Dedicated 20 amp outlets and good PC’s will have to do.

I’ve heard many others recommend the amps plug into the wall. Is that because of the PP’s capacity or other reasons?

Looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.

I use a P3 with my system. The Pass Labs INT-30A Integrated amp is plugged into the P3, but it is a Class A 30wpc amp so doesn’t draw a lot of power.

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I like the Focal Speakers. I have a small room and I went with stand mounted 3 ways from KEF, 201/2 References. I’m toying with the idea of some fast sub’s.