P15 or P12 - best strategy for my setup?

Decided to go “all in” :slight_smile:

Picking up a '15 or '20 and calling power to my system done.
Hoping for some experienced perspective on which one to go for.

2 Questions:
Have a balanced mains unit - reduntant with a P15 or 20?
Currently running my system from a balanced mains, will I be best to take this out the chain completely, or power it from the P15/20?
With the '15/'20 will it even be worth having in the system?

Which regenerator to go for, given the system and units being powered.
Can get the funds together for a '20, just wonder if its overkill for my system, or the lower impedance of the '20 will make my system more futureproof?

300B SET power amp (all 8 watts of 'er)
Densen DM20 Preamp
Directstream Dac
Oppo 203
Turntable DC power supply
Nvidia Shield android box.
Games console.

So no beefy BHK monoblocks or the like, just a regular (but high quality) smaller scale system.
Would the '15 suffice?
Would the '20 be overkill, or would its lowered impedance/effect on sound quality be enough to make it a viable buy over the '15?

Thanks for any advice.

Bigger is better in this case. Paul feels that if you can afford the P20, it’s worth it. It will future proof your power requirements. However, I have a P5. I also have BHK 300’s. All of source gear is fed by the P5. BHK 300’s out of the wall on dedicated circuits. I do have a similar amp to your tube amp. I have a WOO WA5-LE, headphone amp. It consists of two chassis and uses two 300B’s, 2 5U4G’s and a pair of 6SN7’s. It works exceptionally well out of the P5. The answer here is that all of PS Audio PP’s will help the rest is determined by your wallet and conscience.

I would steer clear of the balanced mains unit when using a Power Plant. It’s only going to add to the input impedance and while the Power Plant can lower that back down it’ll never be as low as straight in, which is the preferred method.

There’s no doubt the 20 is the one to strive for. It’s just going to be better.

Definately helpful and the kind of answers I was looking for.
The P20 JUST fits in my rack heightwise, its open frame so plenty of room for ventilation.

Decision made I think, will skimp elsewhere to get it.
I’ll be able to sell on my balanced mains unit, so no problem there.

Last question I think…
Power cord wise, I use AC5’s and very good they are too.
Doing this once and doing it right, in the spirit of going “all in”, is it worth getting AC12’s for the P20, DS Dac and my SET amp?

Or stick with my AC5s as “good enough”?


Good decision. Let us know when it arrives and what you think. I am excited for you.

There really is no black or white answer. For my amp with it’s huge and regulated power supply, I hear no difference AC12 vs AC5.
The DSD, I hear a substantial difference between the two and there’s a 12 there.
That said, I would buy one 12 of sufficient length to reach any component in your rack and just try switching the 5 to 12, let your ears decide.
Keep in mind that the AC12 is very heavy and tough to bend.

My mindset when planning out the mains for my system has always been to be wary of switchmode power supplies throwing mush back in to the electrical feed, so always tried to keep them seperate where possible.

Is it the case with the P20 I can just plug everything in worry free and just enjoy the music?
I know can use ‘zones’ to seperate switchmode psu’s (routers, wallwarts etc)…

Would this be effective?
Dont want to sweat the small stuff on this, just want to do it right.

Thanks again.


What about the balanced mains AFTER the P20?


Still, little advantage. The only thing balanced mains provides is some common mode rejection of noise when the AC gets into the power transformer of the receiving unit. If you start with clean power from the regenerator in the first place, and use a properly shielded power cable, then there’s little need for balanced power.

Thanks @Paul
Your advice was welcomed before and is again.

You know how these little niggles and ‘what if’s’ can play on the mind…
Last question if I may?

Switched mode power supplies for routers and the like, assume the P20 will nuke any noise they introduce?
Have this mindset of seperating switchmode supplies out on their own, but never had a regenerator before.


I’m not Paul but I think it’s best to still keep the SMPS away on another circuit from the P20. These devices derive nothing from the P20, they don’t benefit the low impedance supply and can only spread noise into the system.

Thanks, that sounds a sensible precaution anyway.

Yesterday I attended a GTG together. One of the members there is an Engineer for a radio station and regularly attends these meets. The last time he was impressed by the P15 sonically so this time he brought a scope out of curiosity. I was able to snap some shots while he was doing it.

The first shot is AC from the P15, second is from the wall that the P15 is plugged into.

Uploading: P15 AC copy.jpg…


Did he have any comments about what he was seeing?

Yes, first he was very surprised at how poor the electric was at this house with the sine being clipped which can be seen in the above photo. He was able to confirm using the above photo too that the THD in is indeed correct that reads on the P15. And the output is pretty stellar and certainly does create a “perfect” waveform with much less distortion. Any further testing would require much more testing and instruments but he was pretty surprised that it does as advertised and sounded amazing in this house. Two got sold from this too.

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