Cool hippies... do they make better music than...?

I kinda got this idea… watching too many vids by too-cool hippies. And of course, the long-hair subversives of the late '60s I love so well.

Do hippies, alt folks, wool-caps-in-summer guys, tattooed baristas, et al make better music than say someone who only feels comfortable in chinos and a polo shirt? Any connection there?

Bruce in Philly

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Is this a swipe at Devo :innocent:?

I think there is something to it. But it’s a chicken or the egg type of thing. Some of the best music ever recorded was in the 1950’s when most dressed to what was hip at the time, more in the button down chino direction. In the 60’s and 70’s, onward, hip fashion changed and so did the outfits. But the musical genius was no more or less compared to the 1950’s, even though the fashion changed.

In that regard I’d conclude that fashion itself is not inherent to musical genius, but is more a coincidence than anything else.

I think musicians have more inherent freedom to dress as they like by the nature of their jobs. A case could be made, at least to my tastes, that Mikes Davis got worse the more hip he dressed.

But overall, artistic creativity does often walk hand in hand with a capacity and willingness to dress more freely. But musical genius is certainly not caused by fashion, it’s a one way street the other way.

My favorite questions are the ones that have no answer :eyes::woman_in_lotus_position:

I find flannel wearers to be very musical. It has been postulated that the soft background noise generated by flannel in motion mimics the heartbeat of the universe.

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