Cooling fans

No, the DAC won’t go into standby if the Bridge has any hiccups. Can you explain a little more about what’s happening with these thermal cutoffs?

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The S10 and T10 component front exhaust fans would be an option. These are nice products. In addition to the small single fans mentioned earlier in the thread I have five T8s and an S6 component fan in service. Over the past two-three years or so, one went bad and was promptly replaced under warranty. Good company. The two AC Infinity fans pictured are T8 which are rear exhaust. I have an open back cabinet.


I also use these screens for the vents on my P12 and P5. Keeps the dust out, and air flow is not restricted.



No, didn’t know the DS has any automatic standby feature.

There is actually an S2 version. Search Amazon. It is just 2 of those connected to each other. I highly recommend. It gets hot in my stereo room. I put those on the Dish Hopper and it lowered it 26C!

Those shelves are really bad but what can you do? Equipment should be on an all open rack with mesh shelves. Or swing out foot holders. I do not even like glass.

Still, no way that should overheat it. Just like Ted said. You could probably put the thing in a blanket.

If you have a huge problem consider a Spacepak in there. Way less than 80 grand. Maybe for a 4 nozzle Spacepak 4 grand. Unfortunate but it may be your only option. Then electric bill will go up $60-$80 a month too. Just a last resort.

It honestly looks like you have enough room for what you have though. I am not sure why it would be shutting down. Perhaps try rearranging it.

With the AC Infinity products, cabinets are fine as long as there is somewhere for the air to vent. You see how little open space is available in my cabinet. I also have tubed stuff on the top shelf with an S1 blowing across the headphone amp at very low RPMs.