Place heavy object on DS

Is there any harm in placing a bit heavy object like a power conditioner or linear power supply like JS-II on top of DS DAC? This question is due to space constraint in my setup…

Within reason, I do not believe there is any physical concern.

There could be electrical interference depending what you put on top.

Make sure you have adequate ventilation. The DS DACs run warm.

@karthick - I bought a $15 laser thermometer to take weekly measurements of my components to make sure they are within baseline measurement. I have (3) PSUs (3lbs each) on my DMP and that has zero impact. The DSD has RFI fingers on all sides of the top cover so it seems RFI protected. Structurally, the top cover is pretty strong and it seems like up to 30lbs would be easily doable. My concern is the thermal differential the DSD would feel if the component on top changed temp and or offset the DSD baseline temp. One way to analyze this is purchasing a cheap laser thermometer and performing baseline measurements of the DSD before adding a component above. Since the source of concern to me would be convection of “Q”, I would make sure the component above the DSD had feet, like 1.2in iso-pucks on the corners to allow heat exchange with ambient air… if you can place the DSD on top shelf and add height to the component above, you would allow better transfer of heat. Anyway, good luck with the configuration.

Thermal differential is more impactful then a constant temp increase of say 3F by adding a components. If the DSD temperature was changing due to a thermal restriction that changed regularly, I think that would concern me… a 3F change from baseline is not a big deal considering the room ambient changes as you change the thermostat. A changing thermal restriction compounded w/ ambient temp changes might concern me. Ted may know more about his DSD wrt the temp variation and impact on performance.

I would place the power conditioner under the DSD w/ iso-puck feet to see the impact on thermal. I don’t think conditioners radiate a lot of heat upward. A linear power supply under a DSD… that may be different…

JS-II - Specs:
Weight: 10.5 pounds does not seem like a lot of weight on top of the DSD
Dimensions: 9.0 inches wide x 9.1 inches deep x 3.3 inches tall (with feet), does not look like it will fit nicely under the DSD. 3.3in tall w/ 1.2in iso-pucks (remove JS-II feet and add) plus the 3.5in DSD is ~7.75in to 8.0in in height… stacked DSD then JS-II on top… might give that a shot if on top shelf. W/ LPS, you need at least 3in for space above so now the shelf space has to be 11in if not the top shelf…

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All relevant components in the DS are chosen to have very low temperature coefficients. (E.g. 25 parts per million per degree C resistors, and oversized so their temperature changes more slowly with changes in current.) External temperatures can’t cause any internal temperature to rise or fall fast enough to affect sound quality. This is part of why it takes so long for the DS to “burn-in”, I’ve tried to keep dependencies on temperature very low.

The DS Jr runs a lot hotter than the DS Sr. Sound quality isn’t affected by external temperatures either, but too high of an external temperature could shorten the lives of some power supply caps, so I wouldn’t stack a Jr on a warm component or put anything on it.


Aesthetic harm :slight_smile:

If one had to stack 2 out of the the following: DSD Sr, BHK Pro, and P12 Power Plant, top to bottom, what is the recommended 2+1 stack?

None - I would get a reconfigurable rack. I have (5) 0.50in thick (225lb capacity) glass shelves with multiple 13in, 11in, 9in, and 7.5in posts. I’ve reconfigured my rack 10 times at least in the last year. This sport is about growth and re-configuring…:nerd_face::sunglasses:

Initial cost $250 for (4) shelves and posts; re-configuration - priceless…

That’s not an option for me. PSA say the components are built to be stacked hence my question.

Gotcha - good luck with that…

It would make sense to put the thing that generates the most heat on the top. For example, your BHK pre has tubes. They get hot. Put it on top of your DAC.

Here is an stacking option for enclosed cabinets. Excess heat shortens the life of your equipment.

That’s what I was thinking - would making tube rolling less inconvenient also.

Thanks @netspecht-2, I didn’t know these existed and they look pretty good.

I have five T8 component fans and one S6 component fan, plus a few stand alone USB fans. Great company.

I find that if I sit on it, it is more stable sounding. Flesh (bootys in particular) is the best absorber of vibration. But it chaps my ass over the long run.

Though Sonically - it is worth it ; )

  • completely kidding/humorously intended post. Please do not waste time and bits responding.

yeah but doesn’t your ass hold in the heat, causing your caps to dry out faster? we don’t want to dry out our caps, now do we? mr beef?

Damn. So true. Ordering new Caps.


This one - I can’t sit on for long. But likely not the caps.

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