Copying favorite CD tracks to CDR

For many years, I’ve been copying my favorite CD tracks to Redbook CDRs to make the equivalent of CD ‘mix tapes’ using an hhb CDR 882 Dual Burn Unit. This unit has two CD drives with high speed recording capabilities and was discontinued about 6 years ago when hhb went out of business. My hhb unit is about 14 years old and getting increasingly unreliable and cannot be repaired. I have a TASCOM CD-RW 901 Mk II which I can use in conjunction with my Marantz CD player to make CDRs but it can only do this in real time. Copying a 4 minute track from a CD to a CDR on the TASCOM takes 4 minutes as opposed to 20-30 secs on the hhb (when it works). Does anyone know of other options I can use when my hhb finally dies? I do not want to use a computer interface to copy the CD tracks to a CDR.
Appreciate hearing other options.

Find a copy of Sony CD Architect and load it on your computer. Use any drive to burn the results. It’s easy and it’s fun!