My Favourite Way To "Spin" CD's on my SGCD/Foobar2000 DSDoPCM issues not resolved (I think)

More of an observation than anything else. Just ripped my Elton John Made In England 1995 CD onto my homebrew PC/Music Server/HTPC.

For my CD’s/320kbps LAME mp3’s (don’t judge - there’s a story). Casting them from My PC onto my Sony Uni-Disc player and then feeding it’s coax out to my SGCD’s coax in using simple QUAD shield coax cable yieded a huge improvement in SQ over the USB input. I think the fault lies within my USB source (my PC’s motherboard - there are no fans on the power supply or the CPU) NOT the SGCD’s DAC.

Any suggestions on how I can improve my USB link ? There has to be some sort of re-clocking or something on the Asynchronous side of things. DSD files are played direct from either my Sony AVR DAC (2.0 & 5.1 - 2.8MHz) or my Sony Uni Disc player (5.6 & 11.2MHz)sound incredible via the SGCD’s analog (XLR & RCA) inputs. If it’s not broken…I shouldn’t bother fixing this. But I’m curious.

I’m using Foobar 2000 with all the DSD plugins but still doubt that it’s setup in the DSD_ASIO plugin correctly so I don’t use the USB for DSD over PCM for 2.8/5.6 playback…just 192/96/24 Bit playback.

Any advice with screenshots on my Foobar2000 woes