Counter and Picture stop working

Nlme0U1nQcarA4MjsFeHWg I am having a problem with my DirectStream DAC. Occasionally, the counter and album art do not work. Usually when this happens, the counter is at zero. Sometimes the counter is at a low number, like 6 seconds. I have seen it correct itself but usually I have to fix it by shutting the DAC off at the back and rebooting it. I’m not sure when this started happening but it may have been after I installed Redcloud.

Yes. I’m afraid this is something that needs to be fixed in future Bridge software updates. It happens most often with a few MQA files being played through Roon. Apparently the data with MQA overwhelms the Bridge and locks up the album art and timer, but the title and track information will continue to work. The only way to resolve is to do a hard reboot(power cycle), but it will reoccur with a few more MQA tracks being played.

This happens in my system and, at least for me, MQA is not the issue. I do not stream MQA. As with others, a reboot works temporarily, so I switch off the display and all is spectacular.

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Which is why I mentioned “most often”. If you do stream MQA, you will find that it happens MUCH quicker between required reboots. Before the last Bridge update, which brought in MQA capability, it happened too. But I could go a week or so before occurrences. Now it happens every listening sessions after a handful of tracks/songs if only one of the tracks is a MQA track.

Ouch! I reckon it’ll get fixed. Take care, and good luck!

I have this exact same issue. Every time I think I have it narrowed down it seems to happen for a different reason. Glad (sort of) to see others have the same issue. When I reported it to PSA I was led to believe I was the only one and that I might have to send in my DAC. That’s when I stopped complaining since I didn’t want to send in my DAC for what I believed was a software issue. Thanks for posting this.

You’re welcome. I too am very glad it’ a software issue.

Same issue here. A power-cycle yesterday morning got my cover art back up and running. But after about six hours of listening (no MQA, just shuffling tunes from the hard drive) it went blank again.

Cover art is not the most important thing in the world to me, but it does make me happy to see it show up instead of that blank patch of blue.

When I reported this to Jeremy about a month or so ago he acted like it was an isolated incident and it could be hardware. Now that others are reporting the same issue can someone from PSA acknowledge that this is an issue and that it is on the list to be corrected in the next Bridge II update?

Which version of the Bridge II firmware are you running? There was a release recently (v3.6.2.) that got pulled due to issues similar to the ones you describe. I had those problems myself after updating to v3.6.2. I rolled back to v3.5.1 (the most current version after the pulling of v3.6.2) and it solved the artwork and time slider problems for me.

I had this issue with that release (v3.5.1) as well. I have had this for quite a long time.

I’ve run into this a few times as well. It tends to work really consistently if I use Tidal through ROON, 44.1/16, but if I start playing DSD or MQA files, it gets very confused. I’ll make sure Barry and Matt test this before we release new Bridge II code.

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This week I thought I had it narrowed down to SACD’s I have ripped to DSD FLAC files. You are right. It feels like it happens most when switching file types.

I believe it. I’m most of the way through an album on Tidal right now, and so far every track has been progressing properly on the display.

It odes seem to be a thing we need to look into. Thank you.

Yep - to chime in with the others, I see this too. It’s interestingly inconsistent: if I group two DSSrs in a Roon group and play the same tracks, one might fail like this and one might be fine.