Album covers are not displayed on the DS screen

when playing files through ROON, album covers are not displayed on the DS screen; when playing TIDAL through ROON, bobs are not displayed on the screen of the device, why?

In order to get album art to show up on the DAC’s display, you’ll need to have an SD card in the back.

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exactly, I inserted an SD card and the covers began to appear, but not always in my media library and TIDAL, maybe some special card is needed, in what format the card needs to be formatted, whether the firmware should be written on it or empty, what should be the capacity of the card (I inserted 32 GB) Thanks for the answer.

I would really like to know as well? I just paid $1,250 CAD for the Bridge II card and having the album art is part of the reason I purchased the card. If it’s a feature that is offered then it should work. I hope PSAUDIO will step up and help us solve this ongoing issue? Please PSAUDIO, give us some transparency here? Paul, I watch your videos on YouTube and I bought the DSD based on you and the quality of your components and knowledge. Perhaps there is an updated Bridge on the horizon?