Crossover mods

I wanna enhance my Harbeths. I’m looking at the experienced dudes: When is it right to change your stock speaker?

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A pair of Harbeth speakers is carefully matched before being sold, and home modifications are frowned on by the manufacturer. What are you hoping to achieve? The smaller models benefit from using a well-integrated sub.


Give Danny Ritchie at GR Research a call. He will know right away if he has done any of that model and expected results


If you want to keep the stock values but upgrade individual parts, see


I just want to make the speakers more “mine”, and more wonderful, if/where possible. I always hear about crossovers being replaced or rebuilt. I’d love a Harbeth expert to look at ‘em and say “perfect”, or especially something else if need be.

I spent several years re engineering crossovers for 3 different pairs (not harbeth) - in each case I went back to the original design, just with newer components.
In one case I tried replacing big electrolytic caps with expensive film caps.
Ended up going back to nonpolar electrolytics for that one.

I think in general a well designed speaker includes the art of crossover design, and Harbeth speakers and crossovers are very well designed.