D-sonic amps or Stellar series

I have a pair of Emotiva XPR-5 multi channel amps. These are 400 X 5 and weight in at around 95 lbs. I was thinking of replacing with a 2 and 7 channel D-Sonic amp or 3 M700 and 3 S300 Stellar amps. Anyone have any thoughts? How are the D-Sonic amps??

This is a difficult one. The D-Sonic is not less of an amp than the Stellar. For theater application, I would say go with lower priced option. I have both amps. The D-Sonic(M3a-800s) in two channel form for music is superb. It sounds as an A/B amp and very natural at that. The Pascal modules on it are indeed newer than the ICE ones in the M700. The M700 do sound better with the SGCD. I run the D-Sonic with the W4S mPRE and it’s quite more dynamic than the Stellar combo. This is a music only use tho. My joy is the two very distinct sonic signatures. I alternate daily between the two.