HT issue with Stellar Gain cell Dac

An issue has cropped up with my Stellar gain cell dac and the home theatre set up
I only get noise from the left speaker.
I have changed the cable.
Changed the input to Single Ended Analog Input #2 fro the original 3
Purchased a new AV receiver (not for this reason)
I’m guessing something must be wrong in the internals
Any insight suggestions would be appreciated

Sorry to hear this. Have you tried different inputs? Swapped cables between left and right (as opposed to trying different cables) to see if the channel moves?

If you’ve done all these tests, do reach out to us on Monday and we’ll get you taken care of.

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I had the same problem with my gain cell. In my case the left channel was out.
My gain cell was out of warrantee so I sent it to PSA and they fixed it for a reasonable sum.

Thanks for the suggestions will try tonight when I get home from work.
As I live in New Zealand will need to make contact the the firm I bought it from

No luck I’m afraid.
I have made contact with the company I bought it from and set in motion the process to get it repaired.


Latest update…

Have looked at, it’s actually not right output from all analogue sources (which includes the Theatre setting loop) - digital is fine both channels. Have a request to PS Audio USA so should hear back soon


Final update
Got replacement analogue chip into country 4 days ago (was due today) and the repairer just had to slot it in and send it on it’s way
It was delivered the next day
So now it back in it’s proper place and I’m a happy “camper”, everything is working as it should.
Thanks to all Concerned