DAC direct to active speakers?

Hello kinda new here :slight_smile:

In another topic i talked about room in new apartment (few months to moving day)
And ofc come into some of my plans on two stereo system.

Stellar combined with Elac.

Now i realize that the Elac’s i am thinking of, and heard briefly. Is active speakers.
With both rca and xlr.

So i am thinking, would it be success to just get an Stellar GainCell DAC and some decent XLR connections in right length ?? And a decent sub And use the rca out of the dac to the sub?

You can do that but remember the RCA are 6db lower output than the XLR so you’ll have to set up your sub accordingly. You could also use a splitter and run RCA to both speakers and sub.

Long cabling to the active speakers + parallel sub + 6dB loss + the usual disadvantage of direct vs. preamp…no I don’t think this will be more than just possibly working. But worth a try maybe.

I got the impression that the Stellar Gaincell DAC have an decent preamp built in.
So no need for additional pre amp.

And active speakers does require long xlr or rca cables, coz that is the only way (unless BT) since they do not have speaker cable inputs. And no one put them on top of each other on the dac/pre amp.
So each xlr need to be about 1,5 - 2 meters.

I really not see any other way to connect active speakers.
Perhaps you could educate me on this? That is why im on this forum.

Oh wait, think i get the issue.

rca will make the sub 6db lower? When active Elac’s on xlr output.

Can’t i just put gain on elac’s to low, and adjust gain on sub up to compensate this?
Gain adjustment shouldn’t “color” the sound it self ?

Yes, this will work and will sound quite good. I heard the ELAC Navis a few years back and was very impressed with them! The GainCell direct to them will do a good job. It may take a little to get the gain matching right between them and a sub, but it shouldn’t be hard.

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I heard smaller elac’s and liked the “elac” sound.
I also heard Stellar mono with GainCell (not on elac),but thinking(feeleng (yeah maybe strange) it work good with elac’s.

Gain matching to sub, yes perhaps some work. But isn’t that always with new system or location?
My HT system with sub even tho cheap one, i had to spend time matching the gain.
And when we redecorated the room and moved the sub, i had to do it again. New position did changed a lot. And then when i had to change the sub’s woofer. Same thing again.

sometimes testing positions on speakers, listening chair, adjusting gain and do tweeks… Kinda fun to do, especially experience the difference and results. But best feeling when it improves the sound :slight_smile:

I think this gonna be my entry to next level from regular hifi systems. Coz i can not tweek and adjust what i have to be better. And i been trying much, it is musical now for hifi to be. But i want more :open_mouth: Will that end tho? perhaps i caught, and will always want more?

Tell me about it. It’s pretty crazy how much the bass can change just from moving the sub a foot. It makes sense though, walking around my room while music is playing is interesting. You can move a foot and there’s a massive mode/hump in the bass, then move a few feet over and it sounds like there isn’t even a sub in the system.