DAC for M700 etc

You’re welcome. All the best.
Edit: Just checked. PSA dropped coaxial cables from its recommendations / sales. Other digital cable type seem to be gaining prominence.

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Like Serhan said, try using the DAC within the Marantz and see what you think. If you genuinely like the way it sounds, you may want to start looking at upgrading the pre to something like the BHK pre. If you prefer the sound using the DAC within the GainCell, I would highly recommend the DSD as it is a big jump up from the SGCD.

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Thanks for the suggestion!
I have been running a Pangaea SE coaxial cable for awhile now.
Big step up from the analog cables I was using when I first bought the SGCD and M700s.

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If you do end up with a pair of M1200’s, you will not have missed the period of tubes. As good as the M700 monos are, and they are quite good, the M1200’s are even better.

So I decided to go with the DSD while keeping my SGCD.
So a few of questions…

  1. Connecting the DSD to the SGCD will I get better gain volume compared to the DSD connected to the M700s?
  2. I see that the DSD has a fixed and variable ouput. Connecting to the SGCD what is the best way to set the DSD to control the volume through the SGCD… Fixed or Variable and if fixed what setting?

I would set the DSD to 92 fixed and leave it there.


Awesome, hope you like the DSD!

  1. Yes, the volume control in the GDAC is superior to that in the DSD and the will be more dynamic.
  2. Like Serhan said, fixed around 92 seems to be the sweet spot. I keep my Jr. right around 95 and it sounds darn good there.