PS Audio M700 vs M1200

I haven’t seen much about a direct comparison between these two amps. Most of what I’ve seen compares these to the BHK250. Anyone have direct experience with the M700 and M1200? What differences can I expect from the tube integration in the M1200?

I don’t really care about more power as I use very efficient speakers (normally Klipschorns and Tekton monsters).

I had both sets of amps at the same time. I couldn’t justify the additional cost of the M1200 and I don’t want to get into tubes again.
They do sound different and the M1200 is a bit “better”. I am very happy with the M700’s!

Thanks kline42. Mind me asking why you don’t want to get into tubes again? Too much maintenance?

Tubes are absolutely no bother. If you are using the 6DJ8, 7DJ8 and their equivalents in any PSAudio product they are good for a long time. I pulled 4 Phillips Miniwatt’s from my 300’s and tested them after 3000 hours and they still tested almost as new. I have a pair of 70’s Telefunken tubes in my BHK pre and they’re still going strong after 4000 hours. I don’t understand the concern? Tubes certainly go a long way to making these amps special.

I’ve owned both the M700 and now the M1200’s. For me the 1200 sounds better in my system over the M700’s without a doubt. The tubes are a big part of the magic with the M1200’s IMO. The tube input stage gives the M1200 more sonic character, voices are cleaner and the overall sound is better! The M1200 does a better job of extracting details with improved clarity then the M700. But if I owned Klipschorns I would probably opt for a preowned BHK 250 over the M1200/M700.

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I also have owned M700s and now own M1200s. The M700s are fine amps and I would have been perfectly content if I’d never listened to the M1200s. To me, in my system, they sound better in every way and probably most importantly, enough so, to me, to justify the price tag. Things just sound more like live music. The imaging, the sound stage, the detail, the bass, everything.


Well said David. The M700’s are great the M1200’s are better!

Hello all,
I own the 700s and love them. I also use a Rogue RP1 preamp. The tubes really add a larger and airier sound stage! The combo of PS audio and Rouge is a great mix. If I was starting over I definitely would have gone for the 1200s.


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A 700 loyalist here. They’re my first class D amps (not counting B&O Beo-Lit and Naim Mu-so :smile:) . Prior, my rack had AB and pure A power amps. Each had their own flavour!

The M700s are driven by a BHK Preamp, and the tubes are doing their magic at every level especially with analogue playback. The M1200, though not on my upgrade list, is technically different technically from M700 & S300. Key differences that matter to me are lower distortion, and improved damping factor. So, bass is cleaner, and highs are more natural. ICE Edge + tube input stage = major step up from M700.

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