DAC PCB design guides

I would like to know if there are useful guides available on PCB design for DACs? I have had formal education in certain branches of electronics if that helps and have also taken considerable time to learn designs online (few nice places like allaboutcircuits.com, and some earlier opamp schematics). I am open minded about design choices, and I fully understand that my learnings are only a small part of the real world scenarios.

I started going through amb gamma 3, which is a diy dac. I am able to comprehend the design (data flow path, and components like clock circuits, switches etc) and I could also understand the analog circuit in their beta 22 amp but I couldn’t get to understand the PCB part or how the design process is carried out and choices in the design.

I haven’t done anything like this before but I have tried spice tools with basic circuit simulations and fairly comfortable with MATLAB and certain stuff about design rule checks.

I have fair understanding of available components for clocks, buffers, flip flops, switches etc (got by looking at teardowns of many amplifier designs and then exploring their design choices) but would again love to see known good choices for each.

I want to try and build one based on ti 11001a (it’s a new unit) or any other r2r chip dac. I believe it would be a little more complicated than delta Sigma due to the transition nature of r2r which could cause additional instability and ringing, but that’s the challenge I want to face and learn. And it would be NOS, with interpolation being handled by pc source (not really a sinc btw I want to explore something different there too, but it’s a code so it’s far easier to gather information about) so atleast one complexity being taken away.